NUNO PINTO | clarinets (B-flat and E-flat), percussions and voice

JOSÉ RICARDO FREITAS | clarinet, percussions and voice

LUÍS FILIPE SANTOS | clarinet, percussions and voice

TIAGO ABRANTES | bass clarinet, percussions and voice

JOÃO TIAGO DIAS | percussions and voice


... Bok Espok, Kepa Junkera / Lusitânia Ad Libitum (tradicional) / Palheta, B. Fonseca / Valse des Monstres, Yann Tiersen / Na Noyée, Yann Tiersen / Celta Irlandesa (tradicional) / Fado Licas, Armando Machado / Tu-Tu-Tu, (tradicional) / Valsa Creoula (tradicional) / Noites Cariocas, Jacob do Bandolim / Tiger Rag, Nick la Roca / Lekho Neraneno-Andy’s Ride (tradicional) / Hurichestra, Adrian Sical ...


All works arranged by Clarinetes AdLibitum

It is not a play. It is not a concert. Not quite what it seems and it seems that is not what is not. It has jig at all, eternal wandering, stray hiker. Is no concert, no. Cat door sill, stretching to the sun. Dolce Fare niente. The pause is the balance of the movement. All for one, one by one. That 's five. And bring a friend too. And turns the glass. Care of the body , which is no longer new. Another leap, another ride. Who does not jump is not a pall. And saltarico jumps and jumps saltarico, olé, olé. To jump you need to take your foot off the floor. And ground rhymes with heart (E chão rima com coração). Oh unspeakable pain that burns and is only seen with 3D glasses. Ownerless heart is like dog without leash: happier just gnawing bone. Oh I can not! Concert? Hey that's not... Give me a hug, I don’t see you since yesterday! Let's celebrate it, the party is beautiful man.

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