Nuno Pinto


Featured Artist of the brands Buffet Crampon and Rico, Nuno Pinto is described by the press as a "genius clarinetist" (Daniel Bailoni), "brilliant" (Nicholas Cox) and "at the level of the great international virtuosos of the instrument" (Bernard Mariano).

He studied clarinet with Saul Silva, António Saiote, Arrignon Michel and Alain Damiens in Portugal and France and has dedicated a large part of his work to chamber music and contemporary music, being a founding member of chamber groups “Camerata Senza Misura”, “Trivm de Palhetas e Clarinetes” and “Ad Libitum”, also having played with some of the best musicians of today. He is also member of “OrchestrUtopica”, the “Grupo Música Nova” and “Sond'Ar-te Electric Ensemble”, in addition to playing in a duo with pianist Elsa Silva.

As soloist and part of chamber ensembles, Nuno Pinto attended the premieres of more than 120 works by 60 composers and is dedicatee of several works.

Played as soloist with several orchestras and has participated in International Music Festivals in Europe, America and Asia.

His discography includes recordings in areas as diverse as contemporary music, chamber ensemble, jazz and world music.

He is Professor of Clarinet and Chamber Music at the Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espetáculo of Porto.

Clarinetist Nuno Pinto performed an unaccompanied recital titled “Alone from Portugal to Italy,” and, despite the somewhat reticent title, this concert showcased Pinto’s extroverted brilliance. As this concert was set in Italy, Pinto chose to program two of the most important Italian works in this genre: Berio’s Sequenza IX and Clair by Donatoni. Pinto opened the concert with a wonderful solo piece, Vitral by Portuguese composer Clotilde Rosa which was written for him. This piece was well- written for the clarinet and displayed a great deal of register contrasts juxtaposed against long melodic lines, with fast fragments of smaller repeating musical cells. In the two works that followed, Pinto’s command of the instrument was absolutely spectacular. His flawless technique and musical artistry enabled these beautiful, yet challenging, pieces to capture the essence of a great unaccompanied concert.


John Masserini, ClarinetFest 2013 (Italy)


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