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Dalila Teixeira, pianist, completed the Piano Bachelor’s degree in piano at ESMAE, under the guidance of Miguel Borges Coelho (2015) and completed a Master's Degree in artistic interpretation, at the same institution (2019), under the guidance of Pedro Burmester and Daniel Moreira. In her master's dissertation she presents a strong analytical component of “Quatour pour la fin du Temps” by Olivier Messiaen, combined with the performance of the Caleidoscópio Quartet. Since then, the group intends to promote the dialogue between performance and light creating an innovative show. Thus, her research and performance go hand in hand with her working life, which includes being an accompanying pianist and piano teacher. At the same time, she intends to focus also on the management and production of concerts, especially on recent and upcoming artistic projects.

She participated in numerous piano courses with some of the most outstanding teachers nationally and internationally.

Currently, she incorporates the Educational Service of Casa da Música in three projects: Children's choir, Children's choir in schools and “My Opera Company”. She is also a pianist of the Coro Lira, teaches piano at the Valentine de Carvalho Music Academy and the Colégio dos Salesianos, and directs the choir of the Rehearsal Room of the Teatro de Ferro and the Choir Canto Livre.

Teresa Soares, cellist, is finishing her Masters in Artistic Interpretation at ESMAE, under Professor Filipe Quaresma guidance. Simultaneously she is part of the Espinho Classical Orchestra and is a cello teacher at the Suzuki Method Music Academy - A Pauta. She recently founded the Caleidoscópio Quartet, a project that addresses the dialogue between music and light. Allied to all her activity, Teresa has a great interest in management and production of concerts and artistic-cultural projects.

She has already participated in several cello and chamber music masterclasses with prestigious teachers from the national and international scene, and was selected for the Summer Academy of the Remix Ensemble Casa da Música, the Gulbenkian Junior Orchestra and the ESTA String Orchestra having participated in the “Expansion Course 2018”. She recently participated in the “” festivals in Helsinki, Finland, and in the “MusicWithMasters” in Pistoia, Italy. In the sphere of pedagogy, Teresa has been participating in proejcts of ESTA Portugal for string teachers, also participating of ESTA International Conferences in Malta and Italy.

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