Lívia & Fred

From classic to contemporary, from popular to erudite, from Brazil and the world, and everything mixed together, this is the duo formed by Lívia Nestrovski (voice) and her husband Fred Ferreira (guitar). Together, they have shared the stage for 9 years, where they create “a human work, of beauty and delicacy, but above all, they tell stories in a very personal way” said Ronaldo Fraga (fashion designer) who, since 2016, designs clothes for them.

After the release of the first album “Duo” (2012), between festivals and theaters, they have visited more than 16 countries, including USA, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, England, Germany, Czech Republic, Estonia, Colombia, Cuba Mexico , Argentina, Lebanon and even Syria, having been the first Brazilians to act in the country after the beginning of the conflicts.

Considered by Polivox as a singer with a “luminous, overwhelming presence”, whose voice is “one of the greatest achievements of contemporary Brazilian music”, Lívia Nestrovski has enormous artistic versatility, having other albums edited, namely "Pós Você and Eu" (2016) and "Sarabanda" (2020), with her father - Arthur Nestrovski and "De Nada Mais a Algo Além" (2014) with Arrigo Barnabé and Luiz Arrigo who said “Youkali is one of the best interpretations I've ever heard in my life” - music on the album "Duo". Fred Ferreira, with two degrees in Composition and Guitarr, has been a professional guitarist since his adolescence. He also works as a music director, creator of soundtracks and instrumentalist, both in the classical and popular circles.

With an average of 35 concerts per year, they present an unexpectedly balanced, subtle and welcoming sound. The chemistry they share and the “image they create on stage was beyond sound. It was a state of mind. It was like traveling, but without a ticket. ” - Mihaela Barca, Jazzkaar 2016. In 2018, they did the closing concert at Navegar É Preciso Festival where writers, actors and musicians met for 5 days sailing the Rio Negro in the Amazon.

They are now preparing the second album, where they get closer to the electronic world and the synthesized sounds, and try to create a place where it is possible to cross and be crossed through a continuous experience.

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