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José Monteiro


Dalila Teixeira


José Monteiro




Direção-Geral das Artes

A Podcast that was born in the midst of the pandemic and aims to analyze chronic damage to artists in general, in a more or less non-analytical way. In a series of different programs, it presents some specific characteristics, as well as sections that serve one purpose: to disseminate and spread art in general in the country, starting with the dissemination of artists who belong to the Artway Showcase platform.

Presented by Dalila Teixeira and edited by Zeca Afonso, the duo smashes the corners of the themes they propose and seek to actively intervene in society.

In 2023, the podcast takes on a new dimension in festival format.

Over 4 live dates, the festival will feature special guests and the participation of some of the youngest talents in Portuguese music.

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#10 Province that sings: art as a possible necessity?

July 23, 2023 | Part of the Festival Província Sonora, Vieira do Minho


Guest Speakers:

Martin Sued, Ana Ribeiro (Vieira do Minho City Council Councillor) and Vanessa Pires


The difference in the artistic offer in the interior of the country, compared to the major centers, makes it not only scarcer, but also less eclectic and varied. Although this imbalance may have some justification, it is necessary to create structures that address this possible need. Our guests today are Vanessa Pires (standing in for the Mayor of Vieira do Minho); Ana Ribeiro, Vieira do Minho's Councillor for Culture and Martin Sued, an Argentinian bandoneon player, who will give us a unique musical moment. Acácio Salero, drummer and professor at ESMAE, spoke to us from a more jazz perspective.


Episode recorded live in Vieira do Minho


#11 Light, Camera: There's Sound! (Live)

September 9, 2023 | Part of the Festival Província Sonora, Cine-teatro Avenida

Guest Speakers:

Daniel Bernardes and Carlos Semedo


Nowadays, when it seems like everything has already been done, multidisciplinary projects are gaining ground and more and more artists are opting for them. But is this multidisciplinarity a novelty for those who program, or has it always existed? And how do these performative approaches coexist with the seventh art, which has the treatment par excellence of this multidisciplinary interplay?

Carlos Semedo, artistic programmer and cultural manager, and Daniel Bernardes, pianist, composer and artistic director of Leiria Creative City of Music, give us their thoughts. The intimate nature of this episode brought a beautiful piano moment from Daniel Bernardes at the end.

#12 How to make omelettes without eggs? (Live)

October 26, 2023 | Part of the BEYRA Laboratório Artístico, EPABI - Covilhã.

Guest Speakers:

Bruno Borralhinho, Filipe Quaresma and João Correia (Director of Academia de Música e Dança do Fundão)


The relevance of education for the arts is indisputable: without eggs, you can't make omelettes! In conversation with Bruno Borralhinho, cellist, conductor and musical director of the Ensemble Orquestral da Beira Interior, Filipe Quaresma, cellist, professor at ESMAE and artistic director of BEYRA Laboratório Artístico and João Correia, director of the Academia de Música e Dança do Fundão. The EPABI Auditorium was also echoed by the cello of Bernardo Ferreira, BEYRA cellist and ESMAE student in the musical moment of the day. From the audience, Helder Abreu, director of EPABI and Carlos Azevedo, ESMAE professor and composer, ended up making their important contribution.


Episode recorded live in Covilhã


#13 Is an idea in hand or a dream in flight worth more? (Live)

November 11, 2023| Coliseu Porto Ageas


Guest Speakers:

Marco Conceição, Vanessa Pires and Mónica Guerreiro


Often we have ideas, often we have dreams. And it's difficult to understand which of them gives rise to the other and how they relate - the basis of reality or utopia. Is it the dream that makes a project genuine? Marco Conceição, president of ESMAE, Mónica Guerreiro, a technician at DGartes and Vanessa Pires, director of Artway. Tiago Andrade, director of Ágora, came as a special guest to give an autarchic opinion, with a personal touch that takes us down nostalgic paths. For the musical moment, instead of the Metamorfose Quartet (winner of the Showcase @ Fundão 2023), we have the quartet's cellist, Carolina Costa, representing them, accompanied by cellist Bernardo Ferreira.


Dalila Teixeira, pianist and cultural manager, has been collaborating with Artway since 2020, when she created a new platform for young artists and emerging projects, Artway Showcase, for which she is responsible. In this context, she has had the opportunity to produce a variety of projects, from concerts to recordings, including the innovative Showcase@ and Showcase à Sexta events. She also participated in the creation of the Podcast Efeitos Colaterartes in 2021 and, in 2022, Festival Província Sonora.

As pianist and producer of the Caleidoscópio Quartet, of which she is the founder, she presents "Vórtice para o fim de um tempo" at Casa da Música in February 2022. This joint creation project was supported by the Ministry of Culture. 

She holds a master's degree in piano from ESMAE and was a student of Miguel Borges Coelho, Pedro Burmester and Daniel Moreira. She is an accompanying pianist at the Casa da Música Education Service and the José Atalaya Music Academy.

A member of the Artway team since 2021 as a sound technician, José Monteiro has been involved in various freelance jobs, both in the field of recording various instruments and ensembles (cello; piano; classical guitar; marimba; percussion set up; string ensemble; vocal ensemble; piano, cello and clarinet ensemble; conventional multi-track bands with piano, voice, acoustic bass, trumpet, drums and percussion), as well as live music, having worked at Festival Bons Sons in 2022, collaborated with Palmilha Dentada in 2021/22 and held numerous conferences and concert cycles at Mercado Bom Sucesso.

As far as concert halls are concerned, he has worked in some of the most important halls in the country, such as Teatro Helena Sá e Costa, Teatro Baltazar Dias, Teatro do Bolhão, Teatro Municipal do Marco de Canaveses, Teatro Municipal de Arcos de Valdevez, Teatro Municipal de Paredes de Coura, Coliseu do Porto, Casa da Música, Alfândega do Porto, Auditório do Grupo Musical de Miragaia, Auditório do Grupo Dramático de Vilar do Paraíso, Auditório de Serralves and Teatro Nacional de São João.

In 2023 he collaborated with Quarteto Contratempus and was one of the participants in the creation of the project VÓRTICE (para o fim de um Tempo), with Quarteto Caleidoscópio, premiered in 2022.

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