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The "Sounds of other times" concert cycle aims to present concerts of ancient music, with period instruments, in a rediscovery of historically informed interpretations with a great pedagogical and informative nature, since it is also about discovering the history of the country from which the music portrayed in the concert originates. In the first two editions (2023 and 2024), "Sounds of Other Times" will be partnered by O Bando de Surunyo, led by Hugo Sanches.

In 2023 the group explores Iberian repertoire under the theme "Music and Party in Portugal at the Dawn of the Modern Era".

In 2024, the group embarks on an adventure with Escola da Noite and Teatro Gil Vicente to put on Gil Vicente's "Forge of Love".


"Music and Celebration in Portugal at the Dawn of the Modern Era"

During the 16th and 17th centuries, the Iberian Peninsula presented an extremely rich cultural scene with unique characteristics on the European scene. Portugal and the territories that today politically make up Spain then shared a unity in terms of poetic, musical and theatrical production that was maintained for more than two centuries despite various moments of conflict and political rupture. During this period, people, texts and music circulated freely and intensely throughout the peninsula, giving rise to one of the most remarkable eras in the history of European culture, the Golden Age, where music, festivities, politics, theater and devotion merged in a unique and surprising way.

O Bando de Surunyo is an early music ensemble dedicated to the study, rescue, interpretation and dissemination of this rich heritage of ours. Based on musicological, historical and philological research carried out within the Center for Classical and Humanistic Studies at the University of Coimbra, the ensemble has performed dozens of concerts here and abroad, focusing on unpublished or little-known Iberian repertoire, but which quietly stands up to the best contemporary musical production from the rest of the old continent.

Concert of O Bando de Surunyo in Capela de S. Miguel (Coimbra)



Eunice Abranches d'Aguiar, tiple

Marta Martins, tiple

Raquel Mendes, tiple

Patrícia Silveira, alto

Carlos Meireles, tenor

Fernando Guimarães, tenor

Sergio Ramos, bass

Maria Bayley, iberian harp/alto

Marta Vicente, violone

André Ferreira, organ

Hugo Sanches, alaúde/hand viola/artistic director

Celebration and eloquence - Music in the Iberian Peninsula in the 16th and 17th centuries

Workshop with Hugo Sanches


Workshops directed by Hugo Sanches for music school students on music in Portugal in the 16th and 17th centuries, with theoretical and practical components for the preparation of two works selected with the ensemble classes for presentation in concerts on June 9 in Esposende, June 11 in Ovar and November 9 in Coimbra.

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