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RUI GAMA guitar

L’Effetto Ensemble is a classical music duo formed by soprano Dora Rodrigues and guitarist Rui Gama, especially dedicated to the repertoire of Portuguese and Hispanic influence, with the ambition of providing their performances with a modern and bold vision of classical music, through performances that explore other artistic expressions. These two "experienced musicians", Jornal de Notícias says, reveal great artistic versatility. Sporting an established artistic career Dora Rodrigues has been a presence in various countries such as Italy, Poland, Ireland, England, France, Spain, Canada and Brazil, having won over national and international critics alike. "She sang it with the audience in the palm of her hand. Top to bottom she knew what she was doing, and served the music instead of having the music serve her. As I said - an intelligent performance with a responsive voice to match." From Intermezzo. Her discography includes "D. Chisciotte" from M. Garcia at the La Maestranza Theater in Seville, released by Almaviva; European Union Youth Orchestra in London with Laurent Pilot, recorded live by "The Classical Recording Company", "Opera Premium" with the Metropolitan Orchestra for Universal Music, conducted by João Paulo Santos; "Compositores do Porto do séc. XX" with Jaime Mota for the label Fermata; Royal Liverpool Philharmonic "Il Segreto di Susanna" Wolf-Ferrari under the musical direction of Vasily Petrenko for Avie Record. A recording that was critically well received "Rodrigues' smooth, well-focused soprano" - The Independent. 

Rui Gama's passion for chamber music and ensembles specialized in stringed instruments led him to found the Orquestra de Cordas Dedilhadas do Minho, boasting a multiplicity of arrangements and adaptations of their own authorship. His PhD investigation work in Universidade do Minho, with CEHUM-Centro de Estudos Humanísticos has revealed the

extreme importance of a wealth of sounds and exploring the diversity of instruments, from the most popular to the most erudite, offering a guiding and unifying segment of this finger plucked tradition. An unusual and widely regarded journey follows this guitarist who wanders from Jazz to Concert Music. His latent versatility led him to become the right choice for the project "Agora Muda Tudo" by Nuno Côrte-Real with Maria João for the label Odadrek. His presence was also appreciated on the CD "Dezassete Peças para Guitarra" by Paulo Bastos; "Pleiades" with the Orquestra Portuguesa de Guiarras e Bandolins under the direction of Juan Carlos Muñoz for the Dutch label Kenari Music Studio. From the point of view of artistic production, L'Effetto Ensemble are keen to encourage the creation of a specific repertoire in order to legitimize a musical expression, the song, challenging contemporary composers and writers to associate themselves with this already secular practice. Therefore, L'Effetto Ensemble premiered several works originally written for this formation, contributed to transcriptions and adaptations of works from the great "lied" repertoire, such as António Fragoso, Rui Soares da Costa, Alberto Ginastera, Carlos Guastavino, Franz Schubert, Martin Y Soler, and enjoy some works dedicated especially to L'Effetto Ensemble, such as the cycle "Os Cinco Indícios de Ouro, by the composer Paulo Bastos and poetry by Mário Sá-Carneiro, having been the subject of analysis at the 1st International Colloquium Insula, and Nuno Côrte-Real's “4 Canciones de Santa Teresa de Jesús”, commissioned for the São Roque Music Season. Since their formation, the L’Effetto Ensemble has had a constant presence in national and international festivals, with emphasis on CCB, São Roque Season in Portugal, Mantovani Internacional Guitar Festival in Italy and the Guitar’Essonne Festival in France.

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