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Vanessa Pires, b. 1980, with a degree in music (cello) from ESMAE and a master's degree in management of companies and cultural institutions from the University of Barcelona, she is co-founder and director of Artway, a cultural management and artistic project company based in Porto. Cellist of the Orquestra Barroca Casa da Música, since the European Capital of Culture Porto 2001, Vanessa has been part of several musical and recording projects at Casa da Música, having played, for several years, with the Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto and the Remix Ensemble of that renowned musical institution.

Vanessa joined the European Association of Artistic Agents representing Portugal, for the first time, since the creation of that association in 1947. The work she has developed in close partnership with artists, technicians, programmers, concert halls, festivals, local authorities, among others, gives her a unique and comprehensive understanding of the Portuguese and European music scene, driving a dynamic of internationalization of Portuguese musicians and projects, while actively contributing to the development of the artistic and cultural fabric in Portugal. Vanessa directs several projects with Portuguese and European public funding, such as “Season Artway” (DGArtes sustained support) and "Building Musical Heritage" (European Cooperation-Creative Europe). With these two projects, Vanessa Pires stands out in the executive direction and artistic programming with a special focus on the decentralization of the cultural offer and training of new audiences through the “Festival Província Sonora” and “BEYRA Laboratório Artístico”, among other initiatives.

With a comprehensive and differentiating global vision, Vanessa Pires also created a record label with two catalogs – Artway Records and Artway Next – and the mentoring program for young musicians and their emerging projects, Artway Showcase.

She teaches the subjects of Artistic Career Management and Introduction to Programming and Production of Cultural Events at ESMAE IPPorto.

+351 91 437 71 44

Artistic Management and Showcase


Dalila Teixeira completed her degree in piano at ESMAE under the guidance of Miguel Borges Coelho (2015) and completed her master's degree in artistic interpretation at the same institution (2019) under the guidance of Pedro Burmester and Daniel Moreira. In his master's thesis, he presents a strong analytical component of Olivier Messiaen's "Quatour pour la fin du Temps", combined with a performative work with the Quarteto Caleidoscópio. Since then, this training has aimed to promote a dialog between performance and light, in an innovative type of show. Thus, her research and performance work go hand in hand with her work life, which involves being an accompanying pianist and piano teacher. At the same time, she also intends to focus on concert management and production, especially of recent projects that are being launched. 

She has taken part in numerous piano courses with some of the most outstanding teachers in Portugal and abroad. 

She is currently working with Casa da Música's Education Service on three projects: Casa da Música Children's Choir, Children's Choir in Schools and "A minha Companhia de Ópera". She is also the accompanying pianist for Coro Lira, teaches piano at Academia de Música Valentim de Carvalho and at Colégio dos Salesianos, and also directs the Rehearsal Room Choir of Teatro de Ferro and Canto Livre Choir.
+351 913 950 712

Artistic Management and Production


Patrícia Silveira, lyric soprano and cultural producer at Artway, is currently finishing her Master's Degree in Music Teaching at Escola Superior de Artes do Espetáculo (ESMAE). She has already been involved in the production and promotion of numerous projects, including the following: responsible for the production of Concerto pela Paz at the Coliseu Porto Ageas; production assistance on the recordings of Luís Tinoco's album "Alepo e outros silêncios" (Next); production of the concert by the Quarteto Caleidoscópio, "Vórtice para o fim de um tempo", which will be premiered at Casa da Música in February 2022. He is part of the production team for the "Building Musical Heritage" project funded by the European Commission - Creative Europe. She is a founding member of the group O Bando de Surunyo, of which she is also responsible for production, and with which she has already had the opportunity to record the album "Ai dina, dina, dana" and perform numerous times in Portugal and abroad. In 2017, she graduated in Lyric Singing from the Escola Superior de Música, Artes e Espetáculo (ESMAE) and, the following year, she took a master's degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, where she worked with Sasja Hunnego, Selma Harkink and pianist Jan-Paul Grijpink. In 2021, she was a finalist for the RTP Antena 2 Young Musicians Award and, as a soloist, toured the Netherlands with the Holland Baroque ensemble.
+351 913 366 701



Ana Morais has been part of Artway team since January 2024. She has a postgraduate degree in Arts Management from the School of Arts of Universidade Católica Portuguesa – Porto, and a Postgraduate Degree in Social Economics (Faculty of Economics and Management of Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto). From an early age, she worked as an executive producer on several cultural projects in the city of Porto, including Associação Amigos do Coliseu do Porto, Gesto - Cooperativa Cultural, CRL and FITEI – Festival Internacional de Teatro de Expressão Ibérica, in the theater companies “As Boas Raparigas vão para o céu, as más para todo o lado” and “ASSÉDIO – Associação de Ideias Obscuras”. She was a programming assistant in the Population Involvement area of the Cultural Programming Department of Porto 2001 – European Capital of Culture, S.A., participating in the coordination/production and management of various internal projects, and supporting the production and management of external projects. She also worked, in 2003/4, as an advisor for the Production of the Educational Service Coordinator, at Casa da Música/ Porto 2001, S.A., being her responsibility, among others, for organizing, promoting and maintaining contacts with the teacher network collaborators; the organization, promotion and contacts with schools; technical support in the production of musical shows by and for young people and technical support in the production of Educational Service seminars. In the academic years 2005/6 and 2006/7 she taught the “Sociology and Culture” module integrated into the “Cultural Management” discipline, in the Stage Direction and Production Course at ESMAE-Escola Superior de Música e das Artes do Espetáculo do Porto Polytechnic Institute.
+351 917 067 791



He was born in Porto in 1990. Initially trained in classical piano (1994 to 2009) at the Orff Institute in Porto, she graduated in jazz piano in 2014 and in composition in 2020 from ESMAE. Over the course of 25 years always focused on music, the constant and restless presence of various interests contributes to his way of creating, from the years dedicated to drawing and ceramics, to amateur theater or a love of poetry, to a deep and ancestral devotion to nature where she finds peace of mind and inspiration in the contemplation of all organic forms, particularly botanical ones. Throughout her two degrees, she was taught by Pedro Guedes, Telmo Marques, Michael Lauren and Abe Rabade in the Jazz course; in Composition, she was taught by Carlos Azevedo, Dimitris Andrikopoulos, Ângela da Ponte, Eugénio Amorim, Daniel Moreira and Rui Penha. She premiered her first work for orchestra, Gingko, in February 2020, at the Teatro Helena Sá e Costa, in an academic context, following an internal competition for undergraduate students. Alongside her artistic activity, she has been teaching classical piano, jazz piano and, more recently, composition at the Academia de Música Valentim de Carvalho since 2013. She regularly participates as a mentor/arranger in the Grande Pesca Sonora (GPS), an annual educational and community event that brings together students of various ages and from various schools in the Matosinhos council, promoted by CARA (Center for High Artistic Achievement) - Orquestra de Jazz de Matosinhos.
+351 914 386 943



Francisco Gomes, born in 1998, has a keen interest in promoting and publicizing cultural and artistic projects.

He has a degree in Sound and Image and a master's degree in Creative Industries Management from the Catholic University of Porto, with a post-graduate degree in Branding from the Portuguese Institute of Marketing Administration (IPAM). He has collaborated in the production of various projects: production assistant on the recordings of the Bach Suites by cellist Filipe Quaresma at the Monastery of São Bento da Vitória in Porto; at the Casa da Música concert of "Vórtice (para o fim de um tempo)" by Quarteto Caleidoscópio; promoting the release of the album "Beethoven: Cello Sonatas & Variations" (Artway Records) by pianist António Rosado and cellist Filipe Quaresma, at the Casa da Arquitetura, in Matosinhos; production assistance and stage direction at the Concert for Peace, Coliseu Porto Ageas; promotion and production assistance at the launch of the album "Alepo e Outros Silêncios" (Next) by composer Luís Tinoco at the Museu do Oriente, in Lisbon.

He is responsible for promoting various nationally and internationally recognized artists and projects such as "Showcase @ Fundão", "International Clarinet Studio", "Uma Performance Consciente - Mindfulness Workshops" and "Bridging Musical Heritage".

+351 918 609 108

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