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NUNO PINTO  clarinets (Bb and Eb), percussions e voice

JOSÉ RICARDO FREITAS  clarinet, percussions e voice

LUÍS FILIPE SANTOS  clarinet, percussions e voice

TIAGO ABRANTES  bass clarinet, percussions e voice

JOÃO TIAGO DIAS  percussions e voice

One of the most entertaining and impresive small clarinet ensemble performances I have ever heard.

James Gillespie in The Clarinet

Polished and highly choreographed performance of folk and traditional music, tinged with jazz. A variety of traditional Portuguese tunes, and even a couple of rags, all superbly.

Elena Talley in The Clarinet

Clarinetes Ad Libitum is a truly unique ensemble in the clarinet world. Their combination of showmanship, entertainment, musicianship and virtuoso clarinet playing bring audiences to their feet demanding more!

James Gillespie in The Clarinet

Tradicional music from Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, U.S.A., celtic and klezmer.


Performances on Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, China and U.S.A.
Clarinet International Meeting – Loures
Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture
Festival de l’anche
Festival O Gesto Orelhudo
Temporada de Conciertos Musicae Candelaria
Expo Zaragoza 2008
European Festival for Clarinet Ensembles
FAN – Festival de Ano Novo
Clarinete à Volta do Côa
Noites de Massarelos
China International Clarinet/Saxophone Festival


All songs are arranged by Clarinetes Ad Libitum.

Booking and Agency:

+351 91 437 71 44

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