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A 2-day event with concerts, multidisciplinary presentations, talks, brainstorms and workshops, for the general public, but with a focus on specialized audiences (artists, promoters, programmers and other cultural agents).

It aspires to be a platform for entering the job market and takes on this challenging responsibility with the clear vision that this is the way of the future. Every cultural institution's strategic plan should start with a vision of what it wants to be in order to fulfill its mission in society. In this sense, "Showcase @" gives young people at the start of their careers the opportunity to present their projects and artistic proposals in an environment of sharing and entrepreneurship that we know is constantly on the rise among the young people we work with. It's a networking space where young people and professionals exchange experiences and share knowledge.

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2023 edition


2022 edition


2021 edition

Showcase@ Fundão 2023

The word talent sometimes has a limited reading and may be insufficient when talking about artists because, behind this term, are the hours of work and the constant emotional management of each one. When talking about Showcase, the word is associated with a talent show. What we want is different. Basically, we want to make known, through other means and means, what is hidden behind the curtain: the hours of rehearsal, the challenges of the artists, the fears and desires. More than just concerts, people will pass through our stages, beings who want to take culture further and with ever greater quality. This is what we intend to bring you on this day: a world of dreams and talents, and one of our main purposes is and always will be to dream. Collaboration with entities that support this initiative is essential for younger artists to understand the importance of the way they present themselves to the public and programmers, gaining the tools necessary for a successful life, as a soloist or chamber musician. In this way, the partnership with the city of Fundão, namely with its Academy and its Competition, ends up giving this event greater strength in the Portuguese artistic sphere.

Showcase@Fundão at A Moagem - Cidade do Engenho e das Artes (03/07/2023)

Showcase@ Fundão 2022


Showcase@Fundão at A Moagem - Cidade do Engenho e das Artes; Conferences at Academia de Música e Dança do Fundão (06-07/07/2022)

Showcase@ ESMAE 2021